Salton Sea General Plan


  1. Water feeding the Salton Sea has been diverted for municipal uses rather than farming which fed the Sea. The Sea is shrinking. Water is scarce
  2. Receding Lake Level expose chemical and biological laden toxic dust
  3. Toxic Dust is linked to increased respiratory ailments and asthma
  4. California Dept Natural Resources 10 year plan is to plant wetlands
  5. Selenium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that causes birth defects in wildlife. Levels of selenium at the Salton Sea exceed EPA Standards.
  6. Salinity levels in the Sea are rising to a point where fish will die
  7. Millions of birds that feed on fish are threatened


  1. Find ways to bring new water sources to the Salton Sea
  2. Yuma Desalt Plant
  3. Improve sewage wastewater treatment for water reuse irrigation/dust suppression
  4. Remove Selenium from irrigation water using flash distillation and particle adsorption
  5. Support new opportunities that generate
  6. Gasoline from algae
  7. Electricity from geothermal vents
  8. Hydrogen gas from animal excrement
  9. Reduce salinity in the sea
  10. Desalination
  11. Dilution