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Salton Sea General Plan

Problem Water feeding the Salton Sea has been diverted for municipal uses rather than farming which fed the Sea. The Sea is shrinking. Water is scarce Receding Lake Level expose chemical and biological laden toxic dust Toxic Dust is linked to increased respiratory ailments and asthma California Dept Natural Resources […]

Clean Ocean Plan

Problem Sewage from Tijuana has no borders San Diego South Bay beaches close due to pollution U.S. Border Patrol Agents suffer headaches, rashes, infections and breathing problems from contaminated Tijuana water Ocean currents bring sewage from faulty Mexican treatment plant to California’s South Bay Beaches Huge amounts of plastic wash […]

Animal Farm Waste Initiative

Problem Animal farm excrement carries microorganisms that cause illnessLarge lagoons of fecal waste can be carried downstream and end up in lakes and oceans where they can cause harmful algal blooms Toxic Algal Blooms not only kill fish but are dangerous to humans and wildlife Lagoons are emptied by spraying […]