Algae Biofuel Generation

Problem Algae Biofuel requires carbon dioxide and food source Steps in algae biofuel growth are expensive and add to cost of finished product Salton Sea needs systems that can be deployed to take up space over dust Algae biofuel needs heat source to dry algae Solution Connect algae biofuel to […]

Desalination and Salt Production

Problem Desalination concentrates a waste stream called brine Brine waste is full of organic pollutants, metals, heavy metals and salts Companies create brine streams from their operations Companies pay to dispose of brine waste Food, water purification & Soft Drinks Municipal Desalination Industrial farming Chip and software makers – Intel, […]

Geothermal Energy

Problem An economic base must take root at the Salton Sea to generate funding Significant geothermal energy cannot be converted into energy without significant water source Water must be purified to prevent scaling pipes which would result in higher maintenance costs Carbon Dioxide is a byproduct of geothermal desalination Solution […]

Sewage Wastewater Treatment for Re-use

Problem Current sewage wastewater treatment system is technology from the 1950s Current system does not allow for water reuse. Water either percolates and evaporates Current system is not energy efficient. It uses electricity to run aeriation pumps leading to high operation costs Current system is a large open lagoon with […]

Yuma Desalt Plant

Problem YDP has capacity to produce 96 thousand acre feet of desalinated water but stakeholders cannot come to any agreements. So the plant is mothballed YDP is located in Yuma Arizona. Arizona will not allow water from Arizona go to California U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation spends millions […]

Clean Ocean Initiative

The Problem: Sewage from Tijuana has no borders San Diego South Bay beaches close due to pollution U.S. Border Patrol Agents suffer headaches, rashes, infections and breathing problems from contaminated Tijuana water Ocean currents bring sewage from faulty Mexican treatment plant to California’s South Bay Beaches Huge amounts of plastic […]

Selenium Removal

Problem Selenium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is proven difficult to remove from water. Industrial agriculture concentrates selenium in rivers feeding the Salton Sea The Salton Sea 10 year plan calls for using agricultural drainage containing high amounts of selenium to irrigate constructed wetlands used to reduce airborne […]