Water Power Transformer

The Water Power Transformer uses certain types of microbes to transform biodegradable waste into pure water while simultaneously generating renewable energy. These microbial cells produce hydrogen peroxide when they encounter anything that is biodegradable. Global is using this technology to dispose of sewage, food waste, and green waste. Hydrogen peroxide naturally degrades into just water and oxygen.

The hydrogen peroxide we buy in stores is only a 3% concentration. At higher concentrations hydrogen peroxide is a powerful fuel that can be used to generate electricity. The water generated is pure water and can be added to drinking water supplies. The process does not create any harmful or toxic byproducts. Sixty percent of all trash in landfills comes from this type of waste.

This new renewable energy can reduce the need and dependence for fossil and nuclear fuels while at the same time, reduce landfills and improve sanitation. The system can be implemented in remote areas throughout the world to provide fresh water and improved sanitation.

Your donation will help disadvantaged families throughout the world have direct access to clean water and renewable energy while protecting ocean ecosystems. Together, we can protect the oceans!