Become a Science Member

Join us in the fight to save the Earth. Please reach out to us at and and we will contact you within a few days.

Benefits include:

  • Platform Access - GELF has a unique cross section of brilliant minds collaborating on solutions that solve pollution problems. These included seasoned senior management professionals with experience in big cap and middle market companies, financial investment firms, project development specialists as well as multiple scientists, ecologists, university professors, municipal and governmental agencies.
  • GELF Members - GELF's membership team is focused on deployment of advanced water treatment technologies through, grants, investment & finance, engineering & development, scientific review, validation and technical expertise . Members are focused on collaborating to solve pollution problems by moving innovative technologies from the laboratory to field applications
  • Suite of Services - The membership will excel your technology through teaming collaboration, research and development product validation, prototype pilot development and deployment, funding opportunities and more.

We look forward to your application.